Surgical Mask [50pc]
Surgical Mask [50pc]
Surgical Mask [50pc]

Surgical Mask [50pc]

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Size:M / 50pc

Product Benefits

ASTM Level 2 protection

99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
> 98% Particulate Filtration Efficiency

Comfortable fit

Designed for comfort with
easy-to-wear ear loops


Reduces potential exposure to
blood and bodily fluids

Plush and soft

Soft on skin and made
from latex-free materials

Surgical Mask 3-ply Protection

The AIR⁺ Surgical Mask is designed to reduce the spread of bacteria and particles from one person to another. With 3 layers of premium protection, the AIR⁺ Surgical Mask is tested to ASTM Level 2 for medical grade performance. Learn more about the science behind why masks help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses here.

About ASTM

ASTM International is a standards organization that sets the best practices and international standard for global industries, including testing and requirements for performance of materials in healthcare.

At ASTM Level 2, the AIR⁺ Surgical Mask is rated for medical use and protection against light to moderate exposure to aerosols, spray and fluids.

Medical Grade Protection

AIR⁺ Surgical Masks are manufactured in Singapore under stringent ISO 13485 controlled conditions. We are a licensed manufacturer registered with Health Sciences Authority of Singapore (HSA). Share in our journey to strengthen Singapore’s mask supply chain resilience and keep our communities safe.

User instruction

Hold mask with coloured side facing outwards.

Place mask over face and pull ear loops over each ear.

Pull mask from top and bottom edges to fit mask over nose, mouth and chin.

Press nose clip against nose bridge to fit.

Product Specifications

Size M L
Mask Dimensions
(Measure from your chin to eye level for the closest size)
145mm (width) x 95mm (height) 175mm (width) x 95mm (height)
Recommended Use Children aged 8 years and above Adults
Performance Test Tested to ASTM Level 2
99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
>98% Particulate Filtration Efficiency
Quantity Available in 50-piece pack
Duration of use For single use only. Replace with a new mask once mask is damp or dirty.

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