Voyager Mask [1pc]
Voyager Mask [1pc]
Voyager Mask [1pc]
Voyager Mask [1pc]
Voyager Mask [1pc]
Voyager Mask [1pc]
Voyager Mask [1pc]
Voyager Mask [1pc]
Voyager Mask [1pc]

Voyager Mask [1pc]

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Ready wherever you go

With proven technology that always protects, and breathable comfort that you can feel, the AIR⁺ Voyager Mask is your trusted go-to reusable face mask for life on the move. Durable with long-lasting protection, it stores easily and stays fresh between each wear, ready to go when you are.

3X Protection for everyday use

Proven Protection

Advanced multi-layered reusable face mask with industrial-grade media that effectively filters more than 95% of aerosolized particles.


Treated with self-sanitizing technology, tested effective against more than 99.9% of bacteria and viruses for a clean and hygienic experience in between each wash.


Odor-resistant technology neutralizes the build-up of nasty odors for all-day freshness, even during extended wear.

Designed for Your Comfort


A secure fit makes all the difference in your protection and comfort. Engineered with a unique 3D structure, the AIR⁺ Voyager Mask delivers high filtration performance with breathable comfort.


The 3D fit of the mask is enhanced with an ultra-plush nose cushion that adapts to your nose contour for added comfort and facial fit, especially for extended wear on while on the move. Simply press lightly on the nose bridge area to secure a comfortable fit.


Customize a wearing experience that fits you best. Adjustable anti-slip buckles ensure a secure fit for different facial profiles, while reducing pressure on ears.

Rinse, reuse and repeat

The AIR+ Voyager Mask is ready for your urban adventures, day after day. While disposable masks are good for an occasion, or a day, the AIR+ Voyager Mask with its water-repellent and active-hygiene technology delivers long-lasting protection for up to 30 washes. With a weekly rinse routine, this reusable face mask replaces 210 disposal masks, helping you stay sustainable with style.


Always hand-wash mask lightly when stained or dirty.

To wash, rub lightly with diluted detergent and hand-rinse both sides of the mask gently under cold water for 1 minute.

Drip dry indoors at room temperature.

Store the mask into a clean ziplock bag between use, and keep away from sunlight and extreme temperatures.


Hand-wash mask lightly before first use.

Do not soak or submerge mask in water.

Do not use bleach on the mask. For stubborn stains, rub lightly with diluted detergent and rinse gently under cold water.

Do not rub, scrub, wring or twist the mask.

Do not tumble dry or dry clean the mask.

Do not share masks.

Get the right fit

Size Check

Look under the nose cushion to confirm mask size.


Open mask to cover nose and mouth. Pull ear loops over each ear.


Adjust anti-slip buckles on the ear loops for a secure fit, if needed.


Press nose cushion against nose bridge to ensure good seal.

Product Specifications

Size M L
Size Guide
(Measure from your chin to eye level for the closest size)
110mm - 120mm 121mm and above
Recommended Use Adults and older teenagers
Performance Test

Proven Protection

>95% Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE)

Tested by Setsco according to ASTM F2299 standard.

Hygienic Protection

>99.9% Anti-Microbial Efficiency

Tested by Microbe Investigations AG (MIS) according to ASTM E2149-13a standard.

>99.9% Anti-Viral Efficiency

Tested by Microbe Investigations AG (MIS) according to ISO 21702:2019 standard.

Anti-Odor Protection

>99.9% Anti-Microbial Efficiency

Tested by Microbe Investigations AG (MIS) according to ASTM E 2149-13a standard.

Dermatologically Safe

Tested for Life Natural by Pacific BioLabs on Life CN/AB-70-2L treated inner mask fabric.

Tested for HeiQ by Farcoderm Srl on Viroblock NPJ03 treated outer mask fabric.

Quantity Available in 1-piece pack
Duration of use It is recommended for users to replace mask after 30 washes or when damaged.