What is AIR⁺ Rewards?
AIR⁺ Rewards is a membership program that allows you to earn points, redeem rewards, enjoy exclusive promotions and receive the latest news from AIR⁺.

How do I sign up for AIR⁺ Rewards?
Signing up is free. To sign-up, simply create and register an account with us here. Please refer to AIR⁺ Rewards Terms and Conditions here.


How do I earn AIR⁺ Points?
You can earn points by signing up for an AIR⁺ account, completing your profile and by successfully referring a friend to us! You will also earn 5 point for every S$1 spent on AIR⁺ Official Store (www.airplus-family.store).

Important note: Points earned are based on your order amount, excluding discounts and shipping fees.

How can I view my AIR⁺ Points balance?
You can check your point activity and balance in the AIR⁺ Rewards tab, which can be found at the left corner of your screen, after logging into your account. Click here go AIR⁺ Rewards tab to login.

Will my AIR⁺ Points expire?
Your points will expire only if you have not earned or spent points for a continuous period of 6 months. We will always send you a reminder before your points expire.

Will my AIR⁺ Points be refunded to me if I return/cancel my order?
Yes, your AIR⁺ Points will be refunded back into your point balance when you return/cancel your order.

Can I combine my AIR⁺ Points from multiple accounts into a single account?
No, you cannot. Points from different accounts cannot be combined and are non transferrable.

I completed an activity but didn't earn any points. Who can I contact?
Please send the screenshots and details of your activity to us at airplus@stengg.com with your account email and we’ll do our best to resolve this for you.

For birthday rewards, you will only receive points this year if you added your birth date to the AIR⁺ Rewards panel more than 30 days before your birthday. You will not get rewarded points for your birthday this year if you enter a date that is in the next 30 days. 

What can I do with my AIR⁺ Rewards points?
You can redeem a cash discount of $3 with every 300 points, capped at a maximum of 1200 points per redemption, with minimum purchase of $20.

How do I redeem my AIR⁺ Rewards?
To redeem your reward, simply log into your account via the AIR⁺ Rewards tab. Choose the available reward to redeem from the menu and a discount code will be generated. Apply the discount code at checkout to enjoy your reward.

Can I use my AIR⁺ Rewards with other discounts and promotions?
Rewards cannot be used with other discount and promotion codes. You also cannot redeem more than one reward per transaction.

Will my AIR⁺ Rewards expire?
Yes, all rewards will expire in 6 months (180 days from point of redemption) if left unused.


How do I refer a friend?
You can refer a friend by sending your friend your unique referral link through direct sharing, Facebook or email. To discover your unique referral link, simply log into your AIR⁺ membership account and find it under "Refer your friends" section in your Rewards menu.

Who can be a referred friend?
The referred friend has to be a new customer to AIR⁺, with no previous purchases or existing account, for the referral to be successful. Therefore, there is only one successful referral for each referred friend.

The referred friend and the referrer cannot be the same person. The referred friend must have a different email address, along with different billing and shipping information from the referrer. The referrer must know the referred friend as a friend, family member or relative.

What's the rewards for referring a friend and getting referred?
The referrer is rewarded with 30 points after a successful referral. 
The referred friend is rewarded with a S$3 off on their first order after claiming the discount code via the referral link sent by the referrer. 

What constitutes as a successful referral?
A successful referral is defined as a purchase made on AIR⁺ Official Store (www.airplus-family.store) by the referred friend who:
Have not have any purchase, subscribed and/or created an AIR⁺ account.
2. Accesses AIR⁺ Official Store through referral link provided by referrer.
3. Makes their first purchase in the same web visit/session.

My friend has made a purchase through my referral but I did not earn any points. Who can I contact?
Our system automatically detects indicators of referral fraud and blocks account to prevent any dishonest acts or acts in violation of the AIR⁺ Rewards terms and conditions, i.e. creation of fake accounts and/or duplicate accounts.

In case of system error, please send the details of your referral to us at airplus@stengg.com with your account email and we’ll do our best to resolve this for you.

Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can make?
No, there is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, as long as the referrals are valid and adhere to our terms and conditions outlined here.