Protection designed for life

We believe that life starts with breathing healthy air every day. That’s why we are focused on leveraging scientific research and innovative engineering to develop our unique range of protective masks that enable us to breathe safely and empower healthy lives. Today AIR⁺ is home to a range of award-winning masks, including our world’s first certified protective mask with attachable micro fan for exhalation relief, reusable mask and a well-loved range of premium surgical masks for your protective needs.

Protecting Our Vulnerable Inspired A World’s First Innovation

The modern world continues to face the health effects of climate change and air pollution, and it is the most vulnerable among us that are most at risk. We set out to engineer a protective mask that can deliver certified protection and yet be breathable and comfortable for users such as children and the elderly – and this vision was brought to life in the world’s first protective mask with an attachable fan – the AIR+ Family Mask and the AIR+ Micro Fan. Designed to extract heat, humidity and carbon dioxide trapped within a mask during wear, the AIR+ Family Mask with Micro Fan rapidly garnered international awards as well as becoming the best-loved and trusted protective mask brand in Singapore.

Made with uncompromising quality

To meet the needs of healthcare and frontline workers, AIR⁺ began in-country production of medical-grade surgical masks and today, AIR⁺ has a wide-range of surgical mask variants. Each AIR⁺ mask is rigorously tested to ensure the highest standards from quality control to quality assurance. Extensively tested at our quality control lab and validated through independent lab testing, every AIR⁺ mask demonstrates excellence in production quality and filtration capabilities, for use in healthcare and industrial sectors.

Engineering Techwear For Life

We are committed to positively impacting the world by applying engineering innovation to the development of respiratory protective solutions for healthier lives. Built upon years of rigorous research, innovative engineering, AIR⁺ launched our reusable mask techwear range – the AIR⁺ Voyager Mask with advanced filtration, anti-microbial and anti-odour technology to keep you protected while you live your best life every day.

Strengthening Singapore's Mask Supply Chain Resilience


Every AIR⁺ product is powered by our mission to develop protection made for life. Built upon our years of rigorous research & development, innovative engineering and award-winning design, as well as a commitment to quality, you can be assured that each AIR⁺ product delivers proven protection that helps you breathe healthier and safer air.