About AIR⁺ Voyager Mask 

What is the difference between AIR⁺ Voyager Mask and other reusable masks?
Engineered to provide advanced respiratory protection for everyday use, AIR⁺ Voyager Mask is a high performance reusable mask that comes in 4 colours to fit your style and personality. Each mask uses industrial-grade media for advanced performance, and is coated with anti-microbial technology on the outer surface and anti-odor technology on the inner surface of the mask.

What is the science behind AIR⁺ Voyager Mask?
Each of AIR Voyager Mask's protective features are rigorously tested, according to international standards, and proven to deliver 3X protection for up to 30x washes:

  1. Industrial-grade Filtration Efficiency - Filters >95% of aerosolized particles.
  2. Hygienic Anti-microbial Protection - Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.
  3. Anti-odor Protection - Neutralizes build-up of nasty odors.

How do I know what is my AIR⁺ Voyager size?
The AIR⁺ Voyager Mask is available in M and L sizes. Please use this chart to measure from your chin to eye level. If you measure 110mm-120mm, M size fits you best. If you measure 121mm and above, L size fits you best.

Can I wear my AIR⁺ Voyager Mask immediately after removing from packaging?
Please hand-wash mask lightly before first use. 

How often should I wash my AIR⁺ Voyager Mask?
Please wash your mask when dirty or stained. It is not necessary to wash the mask if only used lightly for a short period of time.

How do I remove stubborn stains from my AIR⁺ Voyager Mask?
Do not use bleach on the mask. For stubborn stains, rub lightly with diluted detergent and rinse gently under cold water.

How should I store my AIR⁺ Voyager Mask?
For hygiene and safety reasons, always store your mask in a clean ziplock bag when not in use. Each AIR⁺ Voyager Mask comes in a reusable ziplock bag for your convenience.

Can I still use the AIR⁺ Voyager Mask after 30 washes?
We do not recommend using the mask past 30 washes as the active-hygiene, anti-odor and filtration properties of the mask will decrease after 30 washes. However, you may continue to use them like an ordinary fabric mask or used with other masks for added protection, if you wish.


About AIR⁺ Surgical Mask 

Can I reuse my AIR⁺ Surgical Mask?
The AIR⁺ Surgical Mask is a disposable medical face mask that is intended for single use only. 

How should I store my AIR⁺ Surgical Mask?
For hygiene and safety reasons, always keep your mask in a clean ziplock bag, mask keeper or case when not in use (eg. during dining or eating). Avoid touching the surface of your mask when handling.