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About AIR⁺ Reusable Mask 

What is the difference between AIR⁺ Reusable Mask and other reusable masks?
The AIR⁺ Reusable Mask is a high performance reusable mask with proven anti-microbial protection against 99.9% of bacteria and viruses as well as more than 95% particulate filtration against PM2.5 and harmful particles. Designed for those who demand a higher level of protection in their daily lives.

What is the science behind AIR⁺ Reusable Mask?
The AIR⁺ Reusable Mask is designed with both anti-microbial and anti-haze protection for everyday use. The surface of the mask is coated with anti-microbial technology proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The layer inside the mask filters more than 95% of PM2.5 and harmful particles. 

How do I know what is my AIR⁺ Reusable Mask size?
The AIR⁺ Reusable Mask is available in M and L sizes. Please use this chart to measure from your chin to eye level. If you measure 110mm-120mm, M size fits you best. If you measure 120mm-140mm, L size fits you best.

Can I wear my AIR⁺ Reusable Mask immediately after removing from packaging?
Please hand-wash mask lightly before first use. 

How often should I wash my AIR⁺ Reusable Mask?
Please wash your mask when dirty or stained. It is not necessary to wash the mask if only used lightly for a short period of time.

How should I store my AIR⁺ Reusable Mask?
For hygiene and safety reasons, always store your mask in a clean ziplock bag when not in use. Each AIR⁺ Reusable Mask comes in a reusable ziplock bag for your convenience.

Can I still use the AIR⁺ Reusable Mask after 30 washes?
We do not recommend using the mask past 30 washes as the anti-microbial and filtration properties of the mask will decrease after 30 washes. However, you may continue to use them like an ordinary fabric mask if you wish.


About AIR⁺ Surgical Mask 

Can I reuse my AIR⁺ Surgical Mask?
The AIR⁺ Surgical Mask is a disposable medical face mask that is intended for single use only. 

How should I store my AIR⁺ Surgical Mask?
For hygiene and safety reasons, always keep your mask in a clean ziplock bag, mask keeper or case when not in use (eg. during dining or eating). Avoid touching the surface of your mask when handling.