4 Ways To Protect Your Skin While Protecting Yourself

4 Ways To Protect Your Skin While Protecting Yourself

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The practice of wearing face masks has played a crucial role in reducing the spread of Covid-19, protecting both yourself and others around you. That being said, having face masks on for extended periods and mishandling your face mask at the same time may irritate your skin, resulting in problems that range from acne to rashes. Wondering how you can avoid these unwanted side effects? Here are some tips to help prevent skin conditions from developing under your mask.

Wash your reusable face mask before first use

You might be tempted to use your reusable face mask fresh out of pack, but just like you would with regular clothes, it is important to first wash the mask to remove any finishes on the fabric. This will help reduce the possibility of irritation to your skin.

Wash your face mask regularly if wearing makeup

Beauty products like lipstick, blush, and foundation are daily essentials for many around the world. However, unhealthy makeup habits and excessive makeup can lead to congested pores and skin problems, especially with a face mask on throughout the day. Wearing makeup underneath a face mask can result in an accumulation of trapped sweat, makeup, and oil under the mask. These impurities can transfer onto your mask, resulting in an increased risk of skin irritation. Hence, when using a reusable face mask, particularly for makeup users, washing your mask regularly will aid in removing oils and dirt from your mask, and reduce potential skin irritation. 

To wash your reusable face mask, rub lightly with diluted detergent and hand-rinse both sides of the mask gently under cold water for 1 minute. Drip dry indoors at room temperature. When the mask is properly dry, store the mask into a clean ziplock bag between uses and keep away from sunlight or extreme temperatures. It is also advisable to have more than a few masks so you can always have a clean one at hand when needed. With proven anti-microbial technology, AIR+ Voyager mask only needs to be washed lightly when stained or dirty, providing long lasting protection of up to 30 washes.

Choose the right face mask

Choose the right face mask Singapore

Paying attention to your face mask’s design and material plays a big part in protecting your skin. To reduce skin problems, choose a face mask that is made from hypoallergenic materials and is gentle on skin. 

Use and store your face mask with proper care

Avoid touching your face constantly when wearing your face mask Singapore

Habitually touching your face while wearing a face mask can increase the chance of skin irritation, and heighten the risk of virus transmission. When you touch your mask, you may be transferring germs from your mask to your face. Therefore, it is important to avoid touching your face when wearing a face mask. It is also highly recommended that you wash or sanitise your hands before and after putting on, or taking off the mask. When keeping your face mask for later use, carefully fold the mask so the contaminated side is folded inward and against itself. Store in a clean or new bag, and perform hand hygiene again.

Cleanse and moisturise your skin well

Cleanse your skin before and after wearing your face mask, and be sure to follow up with a light moisturiser after, especially if your skin is irritated and dry. Using non-comedogenic facial products are encouraged as they do not clog pores, thus reducing the likelihood of skin irritation and facial breakouts. 

Striking a balance between wearing a face mask and keeping your skin in healthy condition can be tricky to navigate. We hope that these tips will help provide some guidance in protecting both your skin and yourself from bacteria and viruses. 

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