Reusable Mask [1pc]
Reusable Mask [1pc]
Reusable Mask [1pc]
Reusable Mask [1pc]

Reusable Mask [1pc]

Sale price$18.00 SGD

Product Benefits

Water-repellent Coating

Protects mask from moisture
and viral droplets

Adjustable Ear Loops

Adjustable anti-slip buckles ensure
a secure fit for different facial profiles

Ultra-plush Nose Cushion

Adapts to nose contour
for added comfort and facial fit

Reusable and Washable

Active anti-microbial protection
lasting up to 30 washes

A Protective Mask Made Better For Your Everyday Life

Product Care Instruction

Step 1

Hand-wash mask lightly when stained or dirty

Step 2

Rinse gently under
cold water for 1 minute

Step 3

Drip dry indoors at
room temperature

Step 4

Store in a clean zip-lock bag, away from sunlight and extreme temperatures

User Precaution

Before first use hand-wash mask lightly

Do not soak or submerge mask in water

Do not bleach or use detergent on mask

Do not rub, scrub, wring or twist the mask

Do not tumble dry or dry clean the mask

Do not share and keep masks separately

user instruction

Wear Mask

Open mask to cover nose and mouth. Pull ear loops over each ear.

Tighten Ear Loops

Adjust anti-slip buckles on the ear loops for a secure fit, if needed.


Press nose cushion against nose bridge to ensure good seal.


If air leaks from edges, re-adjust mask to correct fit.

Support Children & Youths with The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund

From March 2021 to February 2022, S$2 from every sale of AIR⁺ Reusable Mask will be donated to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund to help support children and youths from low-income families. Beneficiaries can use this money to buy a meal during recess, pay for transport or use it for other schooling needs. Find out more on how S$2 can benefit a child below.

For more information on The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (STSPMF), please visit

Provide a child a full meal and drink at recess.

Subsidise stationery expenses for a child’s schooling needs.

Cover a child’s ride from home to school, and back home again.

PRODUCT Specifications

Size M L
Size Guide
(Measure from your chin to eye level for the closest size)
110mm - 120mm 120mm - 140mm
Recommended Use Adults
Colour Grey
Performance Test

Anti-Microbial Protection
Tested 99.9% effectiveness against bacteria and viruses

1 Tested according to ASTM E 2149-13a and ISO 21702: 2019 standards

Anti-Haze Protection
Filters more than 95% of PM2.5 and harmful particles

2 Tested by Nelson Labs according to STP0014 Rev 09 protocol

3 Advanced filter material for better breathability and enhanced comfort

Quantity Available in 1-piece pack
Duration of use It is recommended for users to replace mask after 30 washes or when damaged.

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